Placeholder Listing for 2TB PlayStation 5 Pops Up on Amazon, Is Really Expensive


A 2TB PlayStation 5 placeholder listing recently appeared on Amazon UK’s website. According to the now-removed listing, the price will sit at £599.99, which translates to about $680 USD. Again, this is more than likely placeholder information. Apparently, the link is no longer up, but a user on the hotkudeals discussion board was allegedly able to place an order.

Wario64 on Twitter spotted the hotkudeals post, which features screenshots of PS5’s Amazon UK listing and order details. See both in the tweet linked below:

A listing for a 1TB PS5 reportedly appeared on Amazon UK, too, with the same £599.99 price tag attached. This is causing quite a bit of confusion, given that word from Sony suggests the console will only house 825GB of internal SSD storage with options for expansion cards to expand the memory. Again, even if any of these postings are from Amazon, they probably serve as little more than placeholders.

Also of interest are a series of game listings from Amazon UK’s website. At the time of writing, a few links are still available as “Dummy” listings for publishers such as 2K, Konami, and Koch Media. Publishers will often use these to secure a spot and then fill in the details with the game info and art after it gets announced, hinting that announcements are coming from these companies soon. The following tweet from Wario64 notes that a similar posting for Rockstar has since been delisted.

For purposes of clarification regarding the listed pricing on the PS5, Wario64 noted the following,

These placeholder details may not offer much in the way of concrete information, but perhaps things will become clearer in the next 24 hours and change. Sony is hosting a PS5 stream tomorrow, which will focus primarily on games. Our own Editor in Chief thinks it’s unlikely we’ll actually get to see the console itself just yet. The PS5 reveal showcase is set to go live on June 11th at 1pm PST.

[Source: hotkudeals via Wario64 on Twitter]

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