Pistol Whip’s The Heartbreaker Trilogy update out today for PS VR


Hey there action heroes, we’re excited to be back with our first free content update for PlayStation VR, out now! Packed with new scenes, new modifiers, new weapon models and wraps, along with new audio and visual effects, the Heartbreaker Trilogy offers fresh content combinations and styles of play so you can slay a new way every day of the week.

New scenes, new mods, new vibe

After the fifteen savage scenes served up at launch, this content update is all about chilling out and finding your reason to fight. Featuring familiar faces from our friends at Kannibalen Records and a first-time appearance from our new pals over at label Seeking Blue, these three new scenes are abstract, colourful, and groovy. 

Try them with the new synth gun sound effect for an intensely immersive and deeply-musical experience. 

Need something more visual to help you chill out? Well then, say hello to our little friends: the Summer Soaker Collection, including the Bubble Blaster, Mega Douser, and Dollar Drencher weapon models. Combine them with our splashy, er uh, flashy new visual shooting effect for a sure-fire way to cool off. Find these, the synth gun sound effect, and a sweet Heartbreaker-themed weapon wrap in your gun case now.

This update also sees a couple of player-requested changes, including increasing gun pitch customization to 360 degrees (up from 45 degrees) and increasing screen resolution for improved visuals on PlayStation Pro. 

Last but not least, we’ve removed the score penalty on Dual Wield and have added two new modifiers: Vengeance and Disorder. Check out some of our tips below on just a couple of different ways to showcase the new modifiers and shake up your favourite scenes!

Dual Wield

In testing, we found that even with no score penalty, native accuracy loss associated with dual-wielding negatively impacted scores enough that single-pistol remained competitive. Because of this–and to increase your freedom of choice–we’ve removed the score penalty on Dual Wield, making it score neutral.

Some of our favourite scenes for fully experiencing this new unencumbered akimbo mode include Full Throttle, Religion, and Embers.


With Vengeance enabled, enemies will shoot back at you every time you land a shot. The Fall and Letting Go are both great scene choices for enjoying this new modifier. Fun fact: we consider Letting Go to be the spiritual successor to The Fall. Play them back to back for an easter egg.


Disorder, sometimes known as Developer’s Choice around the studio, shuffles enemy types around for the selected scene. Disorder is one of our favourite modifiers because it makes scene knowledge obsolete and requires improvisation no matter how versed you are in enemy placement. Scenes you know like the back of your hand really make this modifier shine, or try it out on a scene with a healthy mix of armour types like Death, High Priestess, or R U Afraid.

Unarmed Foes + Vengeance

Extrasensory perception? More like extrasensory projectiles. With this combination, enemies may not be armed, but they’re still dangerous… and a little spooky.

Hardcore + Vengeance

Want to up your fitness game? Pair Hardcore with Vengeance and dodge for your life. We really enjoy this combination on Embers for a particularly scorching good time.

Dual Wield + Disorder + Vengeance

Combine both new modifiers and the now score-neutral Dual Wield and experience absolute mayhem. 

See ya soon!

The Heartbreaker Trilogy may be our first update for PlayStation VR, but it’s not the last thing we have in store. We’ve got tons planned for the future of Pistol Whip that we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned here or on our socials for more! 

Virtually yours,
Cloudhead Games

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