Phil Spencer Says Game Companies Should Help Each Other Grow, Console Wars Are Counter-Productive


Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that the idea behind console wars is counter-productive for the games industry and that game companies should help each other grow rather than compete on the basis of “my piece of plastic is better than your piece of plastic.”

Speaking to The Washington Post, Spencer decried the mentality of those who bask in the failure of a company or its product, and said that he doesn’t see others in the entertainment industry – like movie executives – hoping for their rivals to fail.

This idea that in order for the industry to grow, some companies must succeed and others must doesn’t help gaming reach the potential it should. We should be driven to help gaming as an industry grow, for creators to take the biggest risks they can. When a great game comes out, we should applaud it, whether it’s for PC, or PlayStation or on a Switch. We should focus on this industry that we love and see it continue to grow. And we should protect it from the issues that it does have. If we’re going to spend energy, let’s go spend it on those things, not ‘my piece of plastic is better than your piece of plastic.’ I don’t think that’s a productive conversation.

Elsewhere in the interview, Spencer talked about the recent price debate and said that he’s not against setting new prices for games but added that at the end of the day, “the customer will decide what the right price is for them.”

[Source: The Washington Post]

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