Persona 4 Golden Is on Sale Just in Time for the Release of Persona 5 Royal


There’s no better way to celebrate next week’s release of Persona 5 Royal than a sale of Persona 4 Golden for the PlayStation Vita. Just in case you need to prepare for yet another 100+ hour dive into the anime-inspired world of Tokyo and cognitive murder mysteries, the PlayStation storefront has blessed us all with a 60% discount off what is widely considered to be the best game for the Vita.

News of the sale broke earlier today thanks to Twitter’s resident game sales troubadour Wario64, with Persona 4 Golden marked down to $7.99, down from its usual $19.99 price tag. Golden released in 2012 and its popularity spawned multiple anime series based on the game, as well as several spin-off titles such as Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

Starting one massive, multi-hour JRPG experience before jumping into another one next week may not seem like the best use of time. Still, it’s a good chance to warm up those Persona skills but also a great excuse to be socially distant in these times of pandemic. Also important to note that Persona 4 Golden is the blueprint for the series in regards to remix/remastering the original into something new and fresh—a major selling point for Persona 5 Royal and its new characters, changed scenes, and a new ending.

If you’re looking for a preview of what awaits fans of the original Persona 5 look no further than Persona 4 Golden and its radical changes from the initial 2008 release. Similar to the changes found in Persona 5 Royal, Golden also featured radical system changes, new social links, and even an original end-game dungeon designed to make everyone angry by taking away the player’s equipment and spells.

Persona 5 Royal releases on the PlayStation 4 on March 31, 2020, in the United States. It is currently available for pre-order both on the PlayStation digital storefront and your local game retailers… Assuming they’re still open.

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