People Using Games to Host Events Like Weddings During COVID-19 as Devs Launch #PlayApartTogether Campaign


As countries around the globe continue to observe lockdowns in an effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus, people have turned to video games for weddings and graduation ceremonies.

CNN reported that games like Animal Crossing and Apex Legends are being utilized to host events that have been postponed for the foreseeable future. A New Jersey couple whose wedding has been postponed told the channel that they had their beach wedding in Animal Crossing and were joined by their friends, including those who aren’t familiar with video games.

Elsewhere, a 24-year old man threw his best friend a ceremony for his graduation from the New York City Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services Academy in Apex Legends. Their squad of three selected characters that possess gadgets that can “light up a firework-like display” to make it look like a celebration.

In one of the most interesting examples, which has gone viral, a 30-year old San Diego teacher used Half-Life: Alyx‘s in-game dry erase board to teach his students geometry, which was very well-received by his class.

Meanwhile, industry giants have joined hands to launch an awareness campaign to promote the World Health Organization’s messages about the pandemic and encourage people to stay home. The #PlayApartTogether initiative will encourage users to adhere to health guidelines and stay connected without physical contact.

“It’s never been more critical to ensure people stay safely connected to one another,” said Activision Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick. “Games are the perfect platform because they connect people through the lens of joy, purpose and meaning. We are proud to participate in such a worthwhile and necessary initiative.”

How have our readers benefited from games during the lockdown? Share your examples with us below.

[Source: CNN, Business Wire]

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