Other Ocean is Not Currently Working on MediEvil 2 Remake or Any Other MediEvil Projects


If MediEvil 2 Remake is happening, it’s not coming from developer Other Ocean. The studio behind the first MediEvil PS4 remake is apparently not working on anything MediEvil related at all. Jeff Nachbaur, a producer at Other Ocean Emeryville, broke the news on his Twitter. “You should know we here at OOEmeryville are no longer working on anything MediEvil…” he said. “We are now just avid fans like the rest of you.”

He went on to say that the studio has “grand plans” for Sir Daniel Fortesque if Sony were to offer them the opportunity to continue development on the franchise.

Just last month, rumors picked up that a MediEvil 2 remake was in development based on tweets from the game’s composer (who also returned for the first game’s remake). He later clarified that he had no inside knowledge about development on the sequel, and these tweets from Nachbaur indicate that there are no further MediEvil projects in the works at the moment, at least not from studios and people that have been previously affiliated with the series.

To hold you over until Sony does decide to return to the series, a MediEvil-inspired platformer called Pumpkin Jack is scheduled to release later this year. It may not hold the same nostalgic value as Sir Dan and his fight against Zarok, but it’s at least a real game. MediEvil 2 Remake (or any other MediEvil projects) are currently just wishes and hopes from fans and former developers.

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