Official PlayStation Magazine Will Reveal PS5 Games in its July Issue, On Sale June 2nd


Official PlayStation Magazine may have just given us a better timeline for when we can expect to see Sony reveal the PlayStation 5 in its entirety. In its June issue (available now digitally, on sale physically early next month) it confirmed that the July issue would “reveal the latest games coming to PlayStation 5, and how they’ll play.” The OPM July 2020 issue will go on sale physically June 2nd, but will be available digitally shortly before that, more or less confirming the speculation that Sony is getting ready for a PlayStation 5 reveal sometime in May. After all, Sony will want to unveil the details of the next-gen console itself ahead of discussion about PS5 games.

“It’s coming. The next-gen starts next issue as we reveal the latest games coming to PlayStation 5, and how they’ll play,” states the full teaser for the next issue of Official PlayStation Magazine.

This lines up with Microsoft’s Phil Spencer saying that next-gen games would start getting revealed soon, and paves the way for a big marketing push in the second half of 2020 leading to both next-gen consoles releasing in holiday 2020. We’ve already seen third-parties face difficulty in marketing their own games given the quietness on Sony’s part, with Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt RED saying it was not able to “jump the gun” ahead of Sony’s reveal and announcements. Knowing now that we’ll have a bunch of PS5 games revealed by the end of May all but confirms Sony will have to have some kind of reveal ahead of that time.

What’s unknown right now is if OPM will have the exclusives on these PS5 game reveals or if they will come through other channels as well. Curiously, OPM is a part of the Future network, a media organization that also owns GamesRadar. GamesRadar is holding the “Future Game Show” in June, which could hint the digital event will show off a bunch of next-gen titles. If Sony is planning a wider (and more marketable) PS5 reveal sometime in May, it will probably start hyping the event early to make sure it makes it onto people’s calendars. Though there’s every possibility they drop it randomly like the DualSense reveal. In the age of pandemics messing with marketing plans, anything is possible.

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