Numskull’s Destiny 2 Beyond Light Stranger Statue, and Other Destiny Merch, is for the Fans


Numskull Designs has always been on point when it comes to officially licensed content, often producing merch for a product you aren’t going to find anywhere else. After all, this is the same company that created the Spyro incense burner, letting the smoke waft up from Spyro’s nostrils.

For the launch of Bungie’s Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion, Numskull created an officially licensed statue of the Exo Stranger from Destiny 1, now just referred to as The Stranger as she returns to the franchise with plenty of time to explain. The Stranger stands as a central figure in the Beyond Light narrative, acting as one member of the kind of “Darkness Vanguard” alongside Eris Morn and The Drifter. This statue was created as part of a special edition version of the new expansion, but was later sold as a standalone product as well for those who preferred to get a different version of the expansion.

Numskull, knowing my love—nay, my obsession—with Destiny, recently sent me the Exo Stranger Statue (she’ll always be the Exo Stranger to me) along with a few other Destiny goodies to celebrate the launch of Beyond Light, and to get hands on with these products to see just how much Destiny fans need them.

The Stranger statue stands 10″ tall, and while it might not stand up to the imposing height of the PS5, it’s a good size statue that will fill a prominent spot on any shelf. The statue itself is exceptionally detailed and high quality, particularly for its price. In the world of collector’s statues, $70 (for the statue by itself without the Beyond Light code) is relatively inexpensive. Yet Numskull didn’t skimp on quality in the design, mold, or painting of The Stranger.

Of particular note is the pose, an important choice to immortalize in a statue. I love statues that appear to be in motion, and while The Stranger isn’t in any kind of action pose, she’s captured mid-stride, with heavy intent and forward momentum suggested in the design. It’s a powerful pose, one that perfectly elucidates her mystique.

The one downside of this statue is actually something you’ll never notice once it’s sitting firmly and unmoving on a shelf. The base is not a solid piece, hollowed out underneath and feeling very much like the cheapest part of the statue. Whether this was done to save money on materials or for some other reason is unclear, but it shouldn’t be a big deal in the grand scheme of things. It doesn’t impact the balance or ability for the statue to stand up, so short of taking it out of the box and putting it on your shelf, it’s something you’ll never notice.

Destiny 2 beyond light stranger statue numskull designs

Numskull also sent me a couple of the TUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks from the Destiny line; both Saint-14 duck and Drifter duck now grace my shelf. As goofy and ridiculous as the entire idea is surrounding rubber duckies cosplaying as characters in popular media (not gonna lie, I love it), the designs are exceptionally well thought out. After all, to translate humanoid designs into rubber duckie form isn’t a simple copy/paste effort. You have to figure out how elements would translate to the wings, the beak, and their buoyant little bodies.

Saint-14 appears in his iconic helm—dent and all—a fully armored duck ready to sacrifice and do what is necessary for the Last City. The Drifter is arguably a little bit more interesting, the oddly bearded duck holding his infamous Gambit coin out in front of himself, clutched in his wingtip. Each comes in a little Destiny-branded tub display box. Just know that these ducks are built to be collectibles, enjoyed on the desktop or a shelf. It’s not really a rubber ducky that could float in the tub when you decide to take a bubble bath.

Destiny 2 beyond light stranger statue numskull designs tubbz saint drifter

A smattering of other Destiny collectibles and merch accompanies these items. I received a few of the Pin Kings pins, high quality large metal pins that bear different Destiny iconography. A baseball cap might seem like a basic product, but Numskull left no detail out with the tricorn logo badge and printed designs both on the outside and under the bill. And of course the heat changing Destiny mug that bears a large metal tricorn badge on one side and changes from plain black to a white radial design bearing the Destiny logo once hot water is poured into it.

And finally, just in time for the holidays, there’s Numskull’s line of Bauble Heads, Christmas tree ornaments bearing the face/head of various characters. Mine memorializes Destiny 2’s Cayde-6, lost to events of the Forsaken expansion, but forever in my heart and on my Christmas tree. This are kind of silly little things, but where else are you going to get Destiny Christmas tree ornaments (besides the Bungie Store itself, which has this set of ornaments including the Traveler)? You can check out better pictures of everything in the gallery below.

Many of these items can be purchased from the Bungie Store, but you can see the full line of Numskull Designs’ licensed Destiny products on Numskull’s site. For the intrepid Destiny fan, you can’t go wrong with Numskull licensed products. The statue in particular is of impeccable quality for its price, and should pair very well with the upcoming Drifter statue set to release early next year.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Stranger Statue and other merch provided by Numskull. For more information, please read our Review Policy.

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