Non-VR Version of The Persistence’s Survival Horror Experience Launches This Summer


Originally slated to release in summer 2019, the non-VR version of The Persistence is now scheduled to come to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One platforms this summer. Developer Firesprite Games still remains mum about a specific launch date, however.

Check out the survival horror title’s most recent trailer in the video down below:

The Persistence first hit the PlayStation VR back in 2018. Owners of the Sony headset will fortunately be able to download the horror game’s non-VR iteration free of charge.

Firesprite Games’ adventure takes place on a deep space colony ship in the year 2521. The ship is pretty much doomed, overrun with a whole host of merciless aberrations. Players, then, are tasked with surviving aboard the ship, while also desperately trying to ensure its safe return back to Earth. Of course, the myriad murderous creatures serve only to exacerbate the situation, making survival increasingly more difficult. At least the player has resource gathering options, weapon building, and a variety of abilities at their disposal.

In addition to survival horror mechanics, The Persistence borrows heavily from roguelikes. Such design elements most notably seem evident in the title’s procedurally generated environments, which endlessly create tension. Moreover, each death results in the player adopting the role of a new clone aboard the colony ship.

Since the release of The Persistence’s VR version, Firesprite Games has also worked towards enhancing the overall experience. Such changes include controls tailored to non-VR gameplay, improved environments, as well as the advent of post-processing effects.

[Source: Firesprite Games via WCCFtech]

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