No Man’s Sky Update Adds More Alien Heads, Colored Jetpack Trails


No Man’s Sky is the game that continues to give. A new update is coming, and it will add more fun customization features for players. You’ll soon be able to customize the color trail jetpacks leave behind as you fly. Want to make everyone see a cool blue? Rather light up the sky with a harsh red? Also, there’s green? Starting on January 27th, 2020, you’ll be able to purchase the color of your choice for your own use.

In addition, more alien heads have been made available for players to wear so you can look like you belong in the absolutely strange universe of No Man’s Sky. These alien head cosmetics have been rewards for players who participate in a global community research quest. There’s still one final head to unlock, with the odd cat/bug hybrid giving players an almost eldritch-horror goal to shoot for. According to the game’s Galatic Atlas, the community is already 44% of the way to unlocking this final head, so keep helping with the final push to unlock it.

Since a past update brought both weekend events and community highlights, Hello Games has continued to feature both. A new quest this weekend will take you “somewhere deep upon a distant planet, far below the sea level.” On the other hand, the community highlights are currently focused on the recently added ByteBeat, showing off players who have created interesting musical beats using the new devices.

With the insane amount of updates that the game has gotten, it’s not surprising to see No Man’s Sky continuing to receive support. Ever since the Beyond expansion, the game has gotten a ton more players and more updates than anyone likely expected. Best of all, Hello Games isn’t done yet, as more updates are promised throughout 2020.

[Source: No Man’s Sky Development Blog]

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