Night Call’s PS4 Version Has Been Cancelled Due to Poor Sales on Other Platforms


Developers Monkey Moon and BlackMuffin Studio have announced that the PlayStation 4 version of noire game, Night Call, has been cancelled due to poor sales on other platforms.

In a statement on Twitter, the companies apologized to fans and said that they can’t afford to release the game on the PS4. Night Call is currently available on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

When a follower pointed out that a number of Night Call‘s Xbox achievements are glitched and suggested that the poor sales are a result of technical problems, the game’s official Twitter account reiterated that its having issues with its porting partners.

“That also explains why the achievements have been fixed a long time ago on PC but other versions have never been patched,” said the studios. “We’re doing our best to patch other versions and especially Xbox. Sorry for the delay.”

A number of users have since purchased Night Call to support the development teams but we doubt that’ll make a difference. The game is published by Raw Fury.

Were our readers looking forward to Night Call? Share your thoughts on the game with us if you’ve played it on other platforms.

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