Next-Gen SSDs Are a Key Technology for Console Developers, Says Wolfenstein Dev


Wolfenstein developer MachineGames has said that it’s most excited about super fast SSDs in next-gen consoles, calling them one of the “key items” going forward.

Chief Technology Officer Jim Kjellin said that making fast SSDs a standard in next-gen consoles will allow developers to rethink game design. “The historical issue of having to wait for loading to finish or artificially slowing the pacing before you can do major changes to the player experience will be a thing of the past,” he added.

Production Director John Jennings agreed. “With these super fast SSDs, we don’t need to consider ways of entertaining the gamer while the levels load any longer!” he said. “Allowing for bigger worlds and letting players jump around seamlessly within them are going to provide some exciting new experiences. I’m really looking forwards to that.”

Elsewhere in the interview MachineGames said that it learned a lot of lessons from its first multiplayer game, Youngblood, which it is keen to apply to future games.

Speaking of the future, MachineGames is one of many developers that Microsoft recently picked up with its acquisition of ZeniMax. We don’t know yet if the studio’s future titles will make their way to PlayStation platforms but Gameplay Director Fredrik Ljungdahl thinks that the acquisition means “games, games, and more games!”

“I also think being part of Microsoft will help us make even greater games in the future,” he concluded. “They have a huge number of knowledgeable people, great developers, tech solutions and hardware.”

[Source: Bethesda via VG247]

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