New The Last of Us Part II Clip Leaks, Showing Off Guitar-Playing Minigame for Ellie


Sony and Naughty Dog recently delayed the long-awaited The Last of Us Part II indefinitely. With that in mind, it seems likely new footage or concrete information will not surface anytime soon. Somehow, the internet has found a way to offset that with newly leaked footage. Apparently, there were two clips that leaked. One reportedly featured previously seen gameplay of Ellie and Dina on patrol in the snow. Another, however, shows off Ellie practicing guitar in an abandoned theater via an intriguing new minigame.

The leaked video of Ellie and Dina in the snow is no longer available. A YouTube channel still has the guitar clip posted, though. It’s just shy of two minutes in length and seems to take place pretty early in the sequel. Check it out below:

The clip starts with an in-game tag that reads “Seattle Day 3,” (similar to the tags found in the original game) then transitions to a scene of Ellie slowly waking up. Once dressed, Ellie begins looking for Dina and Jesse, the latter of whom Ellie speaks with early in the E3 2018 demo. Traversing through what appears to be a backstage area, she soon finds herself in the theater. From there, the character is able to move towards a guitar to practice.

Interestingly, it is not just a video that plays while she does this. The player will obviously have plenty of input, using the DualShock 4’s touchpad to strum the guitar, while also cycling between chords via button presses with L1 and R1. It seems a neat touch, a new mechanic that certainly carries weight for those who remember Joel’s promise to Ellie from the original The Last of Us.

Though it was slated for a May 2020 release, the sequel has been pushed indefinitely due to uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Sony announced a similar delay for Marvel’s Iron Man VR yesterday.

For something a little more official, Sony and Naughty Dog released seven new screenshots for The Last of Us Part II immediately following the delay announcement.

[Source via SegmentNext]

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