New Prince of Persia Hinted as Prince of Persia 6 Site Domain Registered by Ubisoft


Prince of Persia has fallen off the radar, with the last major game coming out a decade ago in 2010. However, there’s hope that Ubisoft might be reviving the franchise sometime soon. The company registered the site domain, sparking speculation of an impending reveal.

It’s not the first we’ve heard rumors of Prince of Persia making a comeback. For the last 10 years, the series has occasionally made its way into the conversation again and again. Talks of new games have come up from time to time, but nothing has ever come to fruition, unless you count the 2018 mobile runner game Prince of Persia: Escape or the mediocrely received film starring Jake Gyllenhaal (which came out back in 2010 alongside the last main console game). The series creator has apparently been trying to get a new game made for quite a while now.

The most recent hint is perhaps also the most promising. Earlier this year, Ubisoft hosted a limited-time Prince of Persia event in For Honor, and while it’s far from a confirmation of anything on the horizon, it seems odd to use such an old franchise for an event if something new isn’t on its way.

It’s entirely possible that Ubisoft is just protecting its dormant IP. redirects to Ubisoft’s main website (as do all numbers leading up to 5), though has not been registered, so it seems a bit curious the company would only register Prince of Persia 6, which is the next entry in the series of “modern” Prince of Persia titles.

Prince of Persia isn’t the only old Ubisoft IP that fans are hoping will make a comeback. A lot of people are hoping that recent years’ teases of a Sam Fisher and Splinter Cell return will happen soon. With Summer Game Fest upon us and next-gen titles finally starting to get unveiled, there’s a good chance we could see some of these Ubisoft classics back on the new platforms.

[Source: Reddit]

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