Netflix Shares First Look at Dragon’s Dogma Anime, Due to Begin Streaming in September


Netflix announced plans to produce a Dragon’s Dogma anime last spring. While few details have emerged in the many months since then, the project just resurfaced with first look art and an official launch date. Dragon’s Dogma will begin streaming exclusively on Netflix on September 17th.

One of Netflix’s social media accounts, NX, shared the news in the following Twitter post, complete with first look imagery:

Japanese animation studio Sublimation is bringing the Dragon’s Dogma series to life. Much like the beloved Capcom RPG, Netflix’s adaptation will follow a man who seeks revenge on the dragon who stole his heart during battle. In surviving the ordeal, the man becomes marked as an “Arisen,” fated to once more face his nemesis. The Arisen is also the last hope at stopping the forthcoming apocalypse.

Nothing else has been shown of the anime apart from the image above. With a release date coming relatively soon, in just another two months, a trailer will likely go live sooner rather than later, though nothing has yet been confirmed.

Capcom originally published Dragon’s Dogma on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. It eventually made its way to the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One platforms as well. Fans have patiently awaited news of a sequel for years. Apparently, Director Hideaki Itsuno was once offered a chance to produce Dragon’s Dogma 2, but chose to tackle Devil May Cry 5 first. It’s unknown whether a follow-up may soon see the light of day, but speculation regarding the popularity of the Netflix series seems to hint that Capcom is working on a potential next-gen sequel, however that’s purely speculation and unconfirmed at this time.

[Source: NX on Twitter]

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