My Time at Portia Studio Unveils Ever Forward, a Puzzle Adventure Game Due Out in May


Pathea Games, the team responsible for simulation RPG My Time at Portia, plans on releasing a new project in May of this year. The game in question is a puzzle adventure known as Ever Forward, which will launch across the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), and Xbox One platforms.

In Ever Forward, players assume the role of Maya, who’s stuck in a strange world teetering between imagination and reality. While there, she embarks on a journey of discovery, wherein she must also confront her despair. To learn of the bizarre world’s secrets, Maya will have to unlock her memories and face her fears in the process. Players, then, must rely on their own observational skills to solve the puzzles that will aid Maya in unearthing the mysteries of her past. Within said mysteries lie dark secrets that have long been buried beneath the surface.

Get a glimpse of the strange experiences awaiting Maya in the reveal trailer for Ever Forward:

On the game’s official Steam page, Pathea explained that its designers spent three years crafting puzzles for the “puzzle gamer.” As a result, the team seems confident that players will be challenged throughout Ever Forward. Each puzzle will present a different type of challenge, with some featuring multiple solutions. This level of variety is to ensure there are problem-solving possibilities in place for “different kinds of thinkers and logical processes.”

Puzzle mechanics themselves should feel equally varied. They’ll range from simple movements like jumping to gravity control and teleportation. Players will also find that stealth and a keen eye on their surroundings may help tremendously in navigating through some puzzles.

[Source: Pathea Games via Gematsu]

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