Mistover’s Dungeons Are Now Open – A Survival Guide


The latest title from Krafton Game Union has arrived. Mistover is a roguelike dungeon crawler RPG and it’s out today for PlayStation 4. Players who have been following us since we first announced the game have described Mistover as an “anime Darkest Dungeon,” which we think captures the game’s look and feel. With a cast of eight unique character classes, turn-based combat, and dungeon expeditions — where every step counts — Mistover was designed to challenge and engage players.

We have poured our hearts out into this project, and hope you enjoy all that Mistover has to offer! But before you embark into the Mist, reading these tips may be your best bet for completing expeditions and making it safely back to Arta, your new home.

Beginner’s Guide to Mistover

Whether you are playing the full game or the free demo, this guide is filled with useful tips and tricks for first-time players of Mistover. While it is not meant to be fully comprehensive, it gives new Corps members a helpful start.

Town: Your Safe Haven

In the Kingdom of Arta, the Town is your home base. You will accept requests and report your results at the Office, heading off on your next expedition through the Pier.

Manage Your Corps Crew

Above: You can manage your Corps Crew team members and formations in Town.

The Expedition Center is where you first meet Mark, the Expedition Corps Commander, to register your Corps Crew. Every week, new members become available to recruit. Different members may know different skills, so always double check. At the Training Camp, Corps Crew members can learn new skills and level up existing skills with SP (skill points), or modify passive Jinx skills. Finally, the Support Lab will help you make it out alive of the dungeons by increasing maximum Fullness, Luminosity, Storage space, EXP acquisition, and more.

Manage Your Items

Stock up on essentials like Food and Seed or sell unused items at the Shop. Check all your supplies at the Storage, including Shop purchases and items acquired from dungeons. Equip items from either the Storage or Expedition Center. Don’t forget to visit the Alchemy Workshop to evaluate unidentified items with names in blue (Rare) or purple (Epic), and to improve items using Fusion.

Expeditions and Battles: Dare to Survive

Exploring dangerous dungeons and battling monsters is the only way to discover the secrets of the Mist in Mistover. But all your work will be in vain if your Corps Crew party doesn’t survive, so you’ll also want to do everything in your power to stay alive.


  • Before entering a dungeon, choose the best Corps Crew Formation and remember to Take an Expedition Bag, filling it with necessary consumables. The position of each character determines what skills they can use and their area of effect, so carefully assign up to 5 Corps Crew members to the front, center, or back on a 3×3 grid.
  • Every action counts as one turn during expeditions, and every turn depletes your levels of Fullness and Luminosity. Keep Fullness above one to recover HP and MP over time (HP will drop if Fullness hits 0). Maintain Luminosity so that your Corps Crew can see what’s ahead. You must move efficiently to find the Exit (or Run Away) before dying.
  • Interact with objects as you explore. Sacrifice a little HP to activate unlit Light Flowers that restore Luminosity, search Debris for a chance to acquire items, and collect matching keys to open Treasure Chests. But watch out for Traps and Obstacles! Take advantage of each Expedition Skill by changing your Corps Crew Leader. If you get disoriented, use the Map to chart your progress or retrace your steps.
  • Try out the Shortcuts button to quickly consume Food or Seed, or to restore your original formation.
  • At the end of an expedition, a Doomsday Clock that visualizes the time remaining until the end of the world will appear. The hands of the clock will either move forward or backward depending on your gameplay and performance.

Battles and Skills

  • Battles are turn-based, and the order of characters for every Turn is displayed as icons lined up from left to right. SPD and status changes influence the Turn Order. Your Corps Crew can choose to use: Skills, Block, Bag, Move, and Escape. Analyze Status does not count as an action and can be referred to at any time.
  • Your Formation is crucial to winning battles. Every skill is only usable from set positions, with an area of effect that may include the caster, a single target, a row or column, or a cross. Next to each skill name, white boxes represent positions, while green/red boxes represent area of effect on allies/enemies.
  • Each class has three different Co-op skills they can acquire by leveling up. These powerful skills often have a large area of effect, but require specific classes to be in front, behind, or next to another Corps Crew member. Passive Jinx skills that apply either positive or negative effects to expeditions and battles are also acquired.

Abnormal States, Death, and Limbo

  • A variety of abnormal states can disrupt the flow of a battle. Buffs apply positive effects, while Debuffs apply negative effects. Bleeding, Weaken, Stun, Immobilize, and Silence are status effects that can be removed with items or skills.
  • Your Corps Crew members will die if their HP falls below 0. The deceased cannot be revived, but their equipment can be salvaged by survivors.
  • During battle, however, members will enter Limbo if their HP hits 0. The Limbo state is displayed as a Buff with a number of Turns. Within that time, death can be evaded by using the SOS command to hand over the turn to other random character or quickly recovering HP.

Items: Your Best Friends

Items available in Town and acquired from dungeons not only strengthen your Corps Crew, but also increase their ability to successfully complete expeditions.


  • Each class has Weapons and Armor that is exclusive to them. Accessories have no class restrictions and are usable by all. Equipment can be improved with the attribute of another item (at random) through Fusion at the Alchemy Workshop.
  • The three equipment rankings are Normal, Rare, and Epic. Better equipment offers better stat boosts. Rare and Epic equipment must be Evaluated at the Alchemy Workshop, after which they can be Fused more times than Normal equipment.


  • Important consumables include: Food, Seed, Potion, Bandage, and Purified Water. These can be used to recover Fullness, Luminosity, and HP, as well as cure Bleeding and certain state changes.
  • Unused consumable items will be contaminated upon exiting a dungeon. Such “polluted” items have a chance of causing side effects that apply temporary negative effects and state changes, so use them cautiously.

Thank you for checking out Mistover! If you like turn-based RPGs, dungeon crawlers, and roguelikes, we think you’ll like what you find in Mistover. We look forward to your continued feedback and support. I’ll also be keeping an eye on the comments here. So if you have any questions, please ask!

Good luck surviving while discovering the mysteries of the Mist!

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