Meet Weird and Wonderful Characters in Adventure Game TOHU, Coming to Consoles and PC


The Irregular Corporation has unveiled a unique puzzle adventure, TOHU, that’ll have players traversing a “weird and wonderful” universe, comprised of fish planets, to meet equally weird and wonderful characters.

Inspired by classics, TOHU tells the story of a little girl and her “mechanical” alter-ego called Cubus. The girl lives peacefully in the aforementioned universe of fish planets until a shadowy creature starts to cause chaos. Switching between the girl and Cubus, players will embark on a puzzle-filled journey to save the universe, accompanied by a beautiful musical composition by Christopher Larkin (Hollow Knight).

Check out a gameplay video below.

[embedded content]

An official overview courtesy of the PlayStation Blog is as follows:

A man made of junk. A tub-dwelling pawn broker. A terrified mammoth with a penchant for soothing tribal singing. These are just some of the unique folks you’ll meet on your journey across the fish planets. Each character is brought to life with slick and charming animation, and, yes, plenty of them also have secrets of their own for you to uncover!

Tohu’s story takes place across a weird and wonderful universe of fish planets. Jump in and you’ll discover a startling variety of locations to explore. From the back of a fetid swamp fish, to the garish hide of a circus seahorse, each location offers up a vivid new visual tapestry to feast your eyes upon.

Each area you visit in Tohu is full of detail, ideal for players that like a good mystery to unravel. But look closer still and you’ll discover a tiny army of bizzare critters out there waiting for you to find and collect. Keep your eyes peeled!

TOHU will release sometime in 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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