Media Molecules Shares Comprehensive Dreams Roadmap, Includes Features Being Considered


Media Molecule has shared a comprehensive roadmap for Dreams, which not only lists the usual bugs fixes and improvements that the studio is working on, but also provides a handy list of features in progress, future plans, previously released content, incoming patches, and much more.

The roadmap is in form of a public Trello board (via Reddit) that players can see being updated in real time.

“We do want to make sure everything on the board is something we’re committed to delivering to Dreams and for everything but our The Future section, the content represents what we’re actively fixing, investigating or creating,” wrote Media Molecule. “In this particular section, you’ll find exciting things we have planned for the future of Dreams! These currently have no date or release window, consider it the R&D side of Dreams development. Some of these are just at the idea stage!”

Features in progress currently include:

  • A new character pack that will include pre-made NPCs and enemy characters
  • New Base Puppet type and new flow when selecting a puppet
  • Dreams demo
  • Dreamiverse D-Pad Controls
  • Personal level cap raise
  • VR expansion
  • Genealogy browser
  • Twitch integration
  • Atmosphere pack that includes music

Alongside the above, Media Molecule is looking into various community suggestions, more imp features, customizable playlists, improved trending system, homespace additions, new time gadget, profile page upgrades, online multiplayer, and much more.

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