Marvel’s Avengers Beta Will Feature Story Content and Various Co-op Missions, Progression Detailed


As previously promised, July’s War Table for Marvel’s Avengers provided a deep dive on beta-related content. And, apparently, there will be plenty of it. During the beta sessions that go live next month, players will have access to the prologue Golden Gate Bridge sequence, some single-player story content, and several co-op missions.

The Golden Gate Bridge section is the same gameplay shown in previous demos. This particular batch of content lasts approximately 25 minutes long, allowing players to experience how each of the Avengers play. It should also serve as a good indicator of how exactly combat and traversal mechanics work. Moreover, the Golden Gate Bridge sequence will showcase a number of set pieces and a boss fight with Taskmaster.

After wrapping up the bridge demo, players will be able to explore a couple of single-player story missions, each starring Kamala Khan and the Hulk. The first mission will take the duo to the Pacific Northwest, where they track the Olympia Archive and JARVIS’ last known location. Another story mission will see Kamala and Hulk venture to the Russian tundra. There, the two will find “SHIELD secrets” hidden beneath a frozen war zone. These two missions showcase the game’s variety, with enclosed A.I.M. facilities and more open areas to explore.

Once players wrap up the beta’s story content, Drop Zones, War Zones, and HARM Rooms will be next on the menu. Such experiences will allow beta participants to play as four different characters–Iron Man, Kamala Kahn, Black Widow, and Hulk. HARM Rooms are “virtual training simulators,” replete with wave-based combat encounters that can be played solo, with companion AI, or in up to four-player co-op.

War Zones are missions that become playable with companion AI, co-op friends, or a mix of the two. The Marvel’s Avengers beta will feature five in total. Drop Zones are smaller versions of War Zone missions and typically include just one objective. As much content as the beta has, Crystal Dynamics promises it’s only part of the full game experience, with even more to come post-launch.

Fans who preorder on PS4 can access the beta on August 7th. On August 14th, it goes live for PC and Xbox One preorders. This same day will see an open beta become available for all PS4 owners. And finally, an open beta across all platforms rolls out on August 21st.

Marvel’s Avengers launches on September 4th. Hawkeye will serve as the title’s first post-launch playable character, though a release date for him remains under wraps.

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