Marvel’s Avengers Beta Attracted Over 6 Million Players, Here’s What’s Been Fixed Based on Player Feedback


Square Enix has revealed that its Marvel’s Avengers beta tests attracted over six million players worldwide. During this period, the game saw 33 million Ms. Marvel embiggens, 200 million Hulk smashes, over 300 million enemies defeated, 175 thousand legendary gear found, 22 million Hulk Busters summoned, and 35 million Widow’s bites unleashed.

Overall, players spent a cumulative total of 27 million hours playing the beta, out of which three million hours were spent playing as Iron Man. 29 trillion KWH of energy was generated by the character’s arc reactor.

With the stats out of the way, Square Enix released a list of fixes that it has applied to Marvel’s Avengers based on player feedback, and other improvements and updates that it plans to introduce. Without further ado, get the details below.

BETA FIXES (Multiplatform)


  • Various crashes and game becoming unresponsive fixed
  • Save game optimizations


  • Multiple improvements and optimizations made to matchmaking
  • Additional matchmaking improvements


  • Character Selection improvements: Fixed the issue where you couldn’t select or change Super Heroes
  • Companion respawn improvements
  • Hulkbuster: Fixed the issue where the screen would turn black when another Super Hero would use the Hulkbuster
  • Fixed issue with multiple Super Heroes spawning
  • Fixed rare issue of players losing certain gear
  • Various other improvements

Missions and War Zones

  • Mission Summary improvements: Fixed issues with the Abomination fight
  • Missing strongbox fixes


  • Save game optimizations
  • Fixed several reported crashes
  • Rare crashes fixes
  • Added a link to 1st Party store to main menu


  • Camera Shake: Added an option in Settings to adjust Camera Shake Sensitivity
  • Motion Blur: Decreased amount of motion blur during sprint and flight
  • Vaulting: Improvement to vaulting: We heard it was a little sticky, so we’ve worked on it!
  • Drop Delay: Decreased delay of loot drops: Based on your feedback
  • Default Settings: Changed default settings to wide combat camera distance, heavy targeting assistance and matchmaking disabled


  • Improvements to matchmaking
  • Additional fixes for issues where characters would go out of the environment
  • Additional UI fixes
  • Additional performance improvements


  • Ping system in War Zones
  • Subtitle sizing options
  • High-contrast mode

Marvel’s Avengers will release globally on September 4th.

[Source: Square Enix]

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