Marshawn Lynch arrives in Predator: Hunting Grounds as Dante “Beast Mode” Jefferson


From all of us at IllFonic, we’d like to wish you all a happy holiday. To celebrate our busy year after one massive quarantine game launch, 15 DLC additions/game updates to Predator: Hunting Grounds, a new mode, a new map, and countless new game additions, we have saved the BEAST for the holidays…

Yes, that’s right. Today, December 8, our paid DLC pack introduces a brand-new character to the Predator lore. Help us in welcoming Dante “Beast Mode” Jefferson – brought to life with voice and looks of football legend Marshawn Lynch.  

Recruited into a special ops group early in his military career, Dante “Beast Mode” Jefferson earned a reputation for ruthless ferocity in combat. Using his signature explosive weaponry, Dante led his team through multiple missions worldwide with incomparable success. During one covert mission in the jungles of Thailand, his team was hunted by a Predator. He watched as his team was dragged off one by one and slaughtered. Dante was forced to hunt the killer on his own, and with a well-placed B34S-T rocket, managed to destroy the Predator, leaving no trace. After calling for an exfil, Dante was picked up and flown to an undisclosed location, finding himself face to face with Dutch, who had an offer: join his team… 

So, he did.  

Tell you more about the B34S-T rocket, you ask… Beast Mode’s custom B34S-T (BEAST) rocket launcher mimics the power of its owner. Built as an anti-armor weapon, this rocket-propelled grenade launcher quickly became a favorite of the OWLF. It’s also the only rocket launcher in the game. This behemoth of a weapon will be unlockable to all after our next update in February, but early access to the B34S-T rocket comes with purchasing the new Dante “Beast Mode” Jefferson DLC pack. 

That isn’t the only thing you’ll have access to this holiday season. The OWLF has opened up their R&D department to give you new toys. All players can now enjoy a new OWLF class unlocked at level 40 and multiple weapons as part of the free update. All players will also now be able to unlock the Battle Axe at level 85 which came with our Viking Predator update in October.

We are adding a new OWLF Operative class, built with one job in mind, to take down the Predator in combat. Equipped with a thermal suit, the soldier’s infrared signature will be difficult for all to track. This power player will not need to mud up much, if at all. 

New weapons include:

  • Proximity Detector Launcher – PDL (Level 43 Unlock): Using modified Predator technology, the OWLF retrofit a grenade launcher to fire proximity sensing mines. This new tool allows them to turn the tables on a Predator and become the hunter.  
  • Electromagnetic Pulse – EMP Mine (Level 80 Unlock):  The OWLF whipped up this modified – EMP mine to interact with Predator tech. When triggered, it will knock out a Predator’s cloak and send their whole system into overload.
  • Plasma Rifle (Level 135 Unlock): Fresh out of the OWLF’s R&D department, this projectile-based weapon fires a concentrated, explosive, plasma-energy round at a high velocity. Fully automatic, energy-based, with a venting process to reload the plasma shots.

For more details, check out our patch notes. We suggest taking advantage of downtime this holiday season to practice for what’s to come… We can’t wait to share what we have in store for 2021. 

From all of us at IllFonic, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and cheers to a prosperous New Year!

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