Looks Like Final Fantasy VII Remake is the Third Biggest PlayStation 4 Exclusive Launch


We don’t yet have sales numbers for Final Fantasy VII Remake, some early player numbers seem to indicate that it could be the third most successful PlayStation 4 exclusive behind only God of War in second and Marvel’s Spider-Man in first. Gamstat, a site that scrapes the PlayStation Network API for player numbers, recorded 2.3 million players for Final Fantasy VII Remake in just three days after its launch. In similar timeframes, God of War saw 2.4 million and Spider-Man sat at 3 million.

Though all three games are PlayStation 4 exclusives for the time being, only God of War and Spider-Man are first-party Sony games. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a third-party game from Square Enix, exclusive to the PlayStation platform only for a year until April 2021, at which time it’s expected it will come to PC, if not additional platforms. It’s unclear if future installments of the Final Fantasy VII Remake saga will also be timed PlayStation exclusives.

Looking at other recently released games, Resident Evil 3 took more than a week to break 1 million players. DOOM Eternal hit 300,000 within it’s first three or four days, and while it’s steadily climbed, it is still just shy of 1 million a month after its launch. It’s not clear how accurate these numbers are or where their holes in coverage lie (ie. if people play offline, etc.), but at least comparing them to each other, it shows some high numbers for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Notably, Final Fantasy VII Remake’s launch window has also been rather staggered by logistical issues with distribution owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we may have to wait some time to get more realistic player stats and sales numbers. Right now, Gamstat’s tracking cuts off on April 13, and with plenty of delayed shipments getting to players late, or people just not getting the game right at launch, the current number is just a loose projection of players, which could even see its numbers pass up those of God of War, given that the two titles are so close for their respective launch periods.

Some early estimates are also projecting Final Fantasy VII Remake to be the most successful Final Fantasy game yet. It also bodes well for interest in the followup entries in the saga, as this game only covers the early Midgar portion of the original, leaving many players eagerly anticipating what comes next and how it will differ from the original game’s narrative.

[Source: Gamstat; Via: Wccftech]

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