Limited Quantities of The Last of Us Part II Ellie Edition Will Be in Stock on PlayStation Direct This Friday


The elusive Ellie Edition for The Last of Us Part II will soon be back in stock later this week. Starting Friday, March 13th at 10:00am PST, the PlayStation Direct website will have the Ellie Edition available for preorder, but only in limited quantities. Fans interested in picking up this version of the long-awaited sequel would do well to keep close watch of the website. Unfortunately, such an offer only applies to the United States.

Naughty Dog shared the news with its Twitter followers in the post below:

The Ellie Edition, which is evidently sold out everywhere else, features a host of physical and digital items. At $230, this version includes:

  • A Steel Book Including the Full Game
  • 12-inch Ellie Statue
  • 48-Page Mini Art Book from Dark Horse
  • Ellie’s Backpack
  • Ellie’s Bracelet
  • Logo Patch
  • Lithograph Art Print and Thank You Letter
  • 7-inch Vinyl Record
  • Set of 5 Stickers
  • Set of 6 Enamel Pins
  • PS4 Dynamic Theme (Digital)
  • Set of 6 PSN Avatars (Digital)
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Mini Art Book

There are two other special versions as well, both of which are still available to preorder (in the US at least) on GameStop’s website. The Collector’s Editions costs $170, featuring everything in the Ellie Edition minus the backpack, vinyl record, and logo patch. TLoU Part II’s Special Edition is priced at $80, packaging in the mini art book, steelbook case, PS4 Dynamic Theme, and six PSN Avatars.

The Last of Us Part II hits stores shelves in just a couple of months on May 29th. You can preorder the game on Amazon now.

[Source: PlayStation Direct via Naughty Dog on Twitter]

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