Life is Strange 2 x Centrepoint Will See Square Enix Help Raise Awareness About Homeless Young People


One of the key social issues explored in Dontnod’s Life is Strange 2 is homelessness in young people. Publisher Square Enix plans to use the sequel’s critical and commercial success to help raise awareness about this very topic. Such advocacy will be done in conjunction with Centrepoint, a UK-based homeless charity. The partnership is especially aimed at getting the word out during this “crucial time of year.”

Throughout the month of December, Square Enix will use its social media channels, such as those for Life is Strange, to promote Centrepoint’s campaigns. In addition, there’s an “awareness driving livestream” in the works, which will feature certain content creators. Details on the creators involved and when this stream may go live currently remains under wraps.

In Life is Strange 2, brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz become homeless after a devastating accident. According to Paul Brocklehurst, Centrepoint’s Head of Helpline, many of their struggles ring true to reality. Even periods wherein the two brothers have a roof over their head holds true, considering the myriad shades of homelessness.

Though many “sleep rough” at night, there are those who are “hidden homeless”–folks who sleep on sofas, floors, buses, and so on, but don’t have anyplace to call their own. More than 70 percent of the young people recently surveyed by Centrepoint say they’ve “sofa surfed,” because they were unable to stay anywhere else.

Life is Strange 2’s fifth and final episode will release next month on December 3rd. Two separate physical releases for the full season are also slated to launch that day. One is a Standard Edition that costs $40. Meanwhile, a Collector’s Edition, featuring physical and digital goodies, has a $70 price tag.

[Source: Square Enix, Centrepoint via MCV]

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