Level Up Faster With Red Dead Online’s XP Events This Week


This week will feature lots of new ways to level up faster in Red Dead Online, thanks to the inclusion of bonus XP events that you can take advantage of right now. The game’s Specialist Roles will yield 25% extra Character XP and Role XP bonuses for completing a wide variety of Free Roam Events. The Gunsmiths will also feature 30% off Rifles, so now’s a great time to start shopping if you like to take out your enemies from afar. And if that wasn’t enough, Rockstar is also treating its community to a 2,000 Role XP bonus for reaching Distinguished status in each Role, along with many other incentives to keep you playing.

Completing the following Free Roam Events will net you Role XP bonuses:


  • Compete against other Bounty Hunters to capture wanted targets and return them for points, with the more dangerous or difficult ones being worth more.
    (2-8 Players, Requires Bounty Hunter Rank 4)


  • Bounty Hunters must work together to apprehend wanted targets across a designated area, many of which are defended by equally armed and dangerous henchmen.
    (2-12 Players, Requires Bounty Hunter Rank 4)


  • Here Traders get to show off their defensive skills as all participants must safeguard a train laden with goods from attacking bandits.
    (2-12 Players, Requires Trader Rank 4)


  • A rare and valuable Condor Egg has been spotted in the area – find it before your opponents do to reap the benefits.
    (2-12 Players, Requires Collector Rank 4)


  • A wreck has scattered valuable collectibles across the designated area. Find as many as you can but be careful as enemy bandits are also scouring the terrain and will attack to protect what they’ve found.
    (2-12 Players, Requires Collector Rank 4)

Those looking for a competitive mode to enjoy can try this week’s Featured Free Aim Mode known as Last Stand. As the name suggests, Last Stand requires you to take out your opponent to be the last one standing. Keep in mind, you have until January 20, 2020, to participate in this event. Along with the gun store’s discounts are price-cuts on various items such as the Butcher Table, Bounty Hunter License, and Collector’s Bag (5 gold bars off). PS Plus members will also be gifted a “colorway of the Leavitt Jacket.”

To gain an additional 2,000 Role XP bonus, you’ll need to complete various tasks with each role. For example, bringing back a Legendary Bounty as the Bounty Hunter or completing a Trader Sell Mission as the Trader will grant you the additional bonus experience. As Rockstar notes, the 2,000 Role XP bonus will be awarded in two installments of 1,000 XP, which can be redeemed in the Offers & Rewards menu, so don’t forget to claim your goodies.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was nearing 30 million units sold as of November of 2019, and Rockstar’s other flagship game, Grand Theft Auto V, will be celebrating its seventh birthday this year with over 115 million copies to date. There’s no telling how many copies Red Dead Redemption 2 will sell after seven years on the market, but it has no doubt been lucrative thus far for the publisher.

[Source: Rockstar]

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