Leaked Details Suggest COD: Black Ops Cold War Won’t Offer a Free Next-Gen Upgrade


Earlier today, a brand-new patch rolled out for Call of Duty: Warzone. Code embedded within the update has since been picked apart by dataminers to seemingly reveal COD: Black Ops Cold War’s release date and multiplayer reveal details. However, of special interest is intel concerning the title’s different editions. Such information most notably suggests Black Ops Cold War won’t offer a free upgrade to next-gen for those who pick up current-gen copies. Instead, players who want cross-gen access will have to either purchase a Cross-Gen Bundle or Ultimate Edition.

This reported tidbit comes courtesy of leaker ModernWarzone on Twitter. Images posted by the account note that a Cross-Gen Bundle will exist, alongside a Standard Edition. Naturally, this hints that a Standard version will not see players receive a next-gen upgrade, even if they buy a PS4/Xbox One copy of the game first. ModernWarzone’s post is as follows:

Website COD Tracker has additional details about the matter via datamined information. Unsurprisingly, fans can expect Black Ops Cold War’s Ultimate Edition to deliver the “best value.” Unfortunately, one perk involves access to both current-gen and cross-gen iterations. A quick note in the datamined files reveals this about the Ultimate Edition: “Console versions include current-gen version and next-gen version when it launches.” All of the above, then, indicates the only way for current-gen owners of the game to obtain “free” access to the next-gen upgrade is by paying more.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Activision itself. Therefore, fans may want to take this supposedly leaked intel with a grain of salt. Such a move on Activision’s part wouldn’t be too surprising, though. After all, it would not count as the first publisher to avoid offering up a free next-gen upgrade. Recently, 505 Games doubled down on its plans to lock a free next-gen upgrade for Control behind the Ultimate Edition.

[Source: ModernWarzone on Twitter, COD Tracker via VGC]

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