Kojima on Similarities Between Death Stranding and Current World Events: I’m Not a Prophet


Hideo Kojima has addressed recurring comments about the similarities between Death Stranding and current world events fueled by the global pandemic. Ever since COVID-19 took hold and practically shut the world down, Death Stranding players have been pointing out the eerie similarities between the game’s themes and how individuals have become disconnected from reality. However, Kojima thinks anyone could have easily predicted this.

In an Instagram post, Kojima said that he keeps up with latest news and reports, which makes it easy for him to see the signs and fantasize about what’s to come. He further claimed that reading reports about science and technology make him think about how these things can alter lives, and that’s how he formulates the plots in his video games.

It’s not something difficult. In my case, it’s not a prediction, but simply a fantasy based on science and speculation. And as it turns out, I just had a good chance of getting it right. I’m just fantasizing by anticipating the future of entertainment. I’m not a prophet. 

Kojima further explained how he sees signs about the future.

Even if certain studies have not yet been realized, there is much research that already has a strong grasp on necessary concepts. Previously, I was invited to visit a certain company’s research lab, and I felt like I was in a world of sci-fi. Many ‘seeds’ (signs) of the future can be found worldwide, if you look for them closely. I use these ‘seeds’ as a base and give them a drive, a boost. For this, you need a story writer’s imagination.

There you have it, folks. Kojima’s no prophet, he’s just a thinker!

[Source: Hideo Kojima via ResetEra]

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