Infinity Ward Has a ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy For Cheaters in Call of Duty Warzone, 70,000 Banned


Call of Duty Warzone is arguably the biggest Call of Duty experience ever, with more than 50 million players already dropping into the free-to-play battle royale that is also linked with 2019’s Modern Warfare. With a game that size (and considering its cross-play functionality with PS4, Xbox One, and PC) its almost inevitable that cheating would find its way into the meta. Infinity Ward is putting its foot down though and swinging the ban hammer hard.

More than 70,000 bans have been issued against Call of Duty Warzone cheaters, with additional security updates and reporting features coming. Infinity Ward says it has “zero tolerance for cheaters.”

Infinity Ward will share more details on its security measures and in-game reporting “soon,” but meanwhile this “zero tolerance” policy means you’ll want to keep your nose clean and play fair games, or risk getting yourself banned without warning. It’s unclear how Infinity Ward is preventing multiple accounts from popping up from the same cheaters, especially considering Warzone is a free-to-play game which means an account ban is technically no big loss. However, keeping that kind of information under wraps is also kind of the point when it comes to anti-cheat methodology, so don’t expect to get the full technical rundown anytime soon.

For the rest of us acting with decorum, Warzone recently got a new playlist update, swapping out the standard battle royale trios playlist with “Scopes and Scatterguns,” meaning the only weapons you’ll find in the field are sniper rifles and shotguns. Every fight is either going to be at range or up close and personal, which should change up the feel of the entire game. This mode replaces standard BR Trios for the time being, but all other playlists (BR Quads, BR Solo, and Plunder Quads) are still intact without alterations. Overall, Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Season Three continues on with just under two months to go and plenty of incoming surprises during that time, including a double XP weekend starting April 17.

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