Infinity Ward Has a Message for Modern Warfare Players Who Shoot a Non-Combatant (Spoilers)


Call of Duty has come a long way since its infamous “No Russian” take, with the latest Modern Warfare‘s campaign specifically designed to critique war. This doesn’t mean that violence has been toned down. However, Infinity Ward wants players to feel some degree of responsibility for their actions.

Spoilers and disturbing content ahead!

One such mission in Modern Warfare has players raiding a house in Camden Town where a visibly shaken woman scrambles to pick up her crying baby. In a state of panic, she begs the soldiers not to shoot. According to Eurogamer, if players shoot the mother, she falls over and dies, leaving the baby wailing and Captain Price expressing his disapproval of the move.

Those who shoot the baby (and yes, people have tried) are met with a black screen that displays the obvious message, “children are non-combatants,” and are made to restart from the last checkpoint. However, those who continue to try shooting the baby (and yes, people have tried this, too), are met with another black screen asking, “Are you serious?” before being booted from the mission.

While you can’t actually see the baby die, it’s still a pretty disturbing scenario, videos of which have made their way online.

“We critique the superpowers, we critique how they fight in these regions of conflict,” Infinity Ward said of its campaign back in June.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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