Indie 2D Souls-Like Dark Devotion Coming to PlayStation 4 October 24th


If you’ve been looking for another souls-like to fill up your time, then there’s another coming soon. Dark Devotion, an indie 2D take on the genre, will be arriving on PlayStation 4 on October 24th.

Made specifically to be incredibility atmospheric, Dark Devotion puts you in the shoes of a Templar exploring a fallen temple. What you find inside will likely test your faith, as you must do battle with the misshapen and demonic creatures that now occupy the building. All of this is an attempt to gain favor with your god. Appease him through heroic acts and there’s a chance he’ll bless you with more skill and buffs. Act cowardly, or make a wrong move, and there’s an equal chance that you’ll find yourself cursed or even sick. If you start to question why you’re devoting yourself to such a fickle god that requires absurd acts of courage for his favor, then there’s a good chance you’ll end up as yet another creature stalking the halls of the temple.

Originally released back in April on PC to a positive reception, Dark Devotion has some great art to back up the souls-like gameplay. Featuring branching pathways, plenty of equipment to use, and some hellishly spooky boss fights, fans of the souls genre should be keeping this one on their radar. Hibernian Workshop head programmer and CEO Louis Denizet had the following to say about the upcoming console release:

Being able to introduce Dark Devotion to RPG fans across both PC and soon consoles has been nothing short of a dream come true for us. We’re so grateful to our passionate community for sticking by us through development and embracing our debut effort so warmly, and we’re eager to see how the new console players fare on their journey to prove their faith.

While Dark Devotion may be a 2D take on Dark Souls, it’s not the only one. You can check out games like Salt and Sanctuary or Blasphemous to see the concept done in a somewhat similar manner elsewhere.

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