Here’s a Bunch of Pictures of the PS5 Next to Stuff


After getting our PS5 review console earlier this week, one would assume we immediately hooked it up and started to play. But that’s not exactly how it happened. No, instead, after unboxing the PlayStation 5, I hauled the large console around my house looking for things to put it next to (and then brought it back to my office to take pictures of it next to those things).

A few of the comparisons are gaming related—how it stacks up next to gaming-related items and swag from collector’s editions—but there are plenty of random surprises in there too, like the katana I’ve had for 14 years, a dried-up Sharpie I found, and a persimmon. Really, I probably just wanted an excuse to take a bunch of pictures of the PS5 and call it work.

Here are 32 photos of the PS5… next to stuff.

PS5 Size Comparison – PS5 Next to Stuff

The one thing I didn’t take a picture of my PS5 next to (well, okay, admittedly and statistically, there are a lot of things I didn’t take a picture of my PS5 next to) was how it looks in my entertainment setup, given that area is an absolute disaster zone right now; a mess of haphazardly placed consoles, accessories, and cables strung from a corner to two TVs on perpendicular walls. I could stash it away in my too-large entertainment cabinet, awkwardly shoved into the corner to make more walking space. However, the PS5 is absolutely a console that demands to be seen. Its towering aesthetic wants to be on display. With the potential for custom PS5 faceplates, both from third-parties manufacturers and directly from Sony itself, I want to dedicate a spot that will be seen.

The experience of unboxing the PS5 may be lacking in fanfare and extravagance, but the PS5 console itself is quite a stunning design, one that I’ve really enjoy looking at every day. Whether it’s next to stuff or not.

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