Here We Go Again, Insomniac Games Is Receiving Death Threats Over Spider-Man Recasting


It has begun. Marvel’s Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games has started receiving death threats over the recasting of Peter Parker.

No, it’s not “just how the internet is.” Considering how often threats turn into doxxing and real life violence, it behooves developers to take them seriously and involve authorities – something Naughty Dog recently had to do when The Last of Us Part II‘s story angered trolls to this point.

Creative Director Brian Intihar, who recently released a statement explaining Insomniac’s decision to recast the character, tweeted:

Leading industry professionals rallied behind the studio and condemned the abuse.

“What the f***, people? Please, don’t…don’t do this,” said God of War director, Cory Barlog. “The entire Insomniac team is filled with hard working, great f****** people. This is not the way. We should be better to the people who make the things we love.”

“Sigh… sorry you have to deal with this crap, Bryan,” added Naughty Dog Vice President, Neil Druckmann, who’s dealt with abuse and threats ever since The Last of Us II‘s plot leaked earlier this year.

Bungie’s Luke Smith put it perfectly when he said, “Fandom in 2020: The good, the bad, and the what in the actual f***.”

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