Henry Cavill Says He Was ‘Breathing and Living’ The Witcher Universe Prior to Netflix’s Show


Henry Cavill, who will play the role of Geralt in Netflix‘s upcoming adaptation of The Witcher, has told French magazine Premiere that he was “breathing and living” The Witcher universe prior to approaching Lauren Schmidt Hissrich for the show.

According to a translation of the interview by Reddit user Valibomba, Cavill said that he first got his hands on the games, then discovered the books. He believes he was ready for the role before the casting call.

I discovered the games, then I discovered the books, and the universe of The Witcher instantly meant something to me. I often thought about playing Geralt. When the opportunity appeared, I didn’t let the chance pass me. I asked my agent to make me meet Lauren as soon as possible… I didn’t even have the need to prepare myself for the role. Because I breathe, I live this universe every day. I already got numerous opportunities to think about this character while I was playing the games. My preparation was already made before the casting started!

Hissrich separately told Premiere that her goal is to “recreate the soul of the books” and the characters that she fell in love with.

“The books of Andrzej Sapkowski will always be there,” she said. “The games too. So this show is the third version of this story. The goal, for me, was to recreate the soul of the books, to recreate these characters I felt in love with, while putting them in a new coherent structure, to build a story that makes sense. To create a work that brings something more.”

Netflix’s The Witcher has yet to be dated.

[Source: Reddit]

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