Hello Games Isn’t Talking About Its Ambitious New Project Because It Learned Its Lesson From No Man’s Sky


Earlier this month, Hello Games revealed that it was working on a “huge, ambitious game like No Man’s Sky,” but we haven’t heard anything further since. Although Managing Director Sean Murray has confirmed that he is working on the upcoming title alongside No Man’s Sky, he is refraining from talking about it because he learned his lesson from the latter.

For the uninitiated, No Man’s Sky released to a lukewarm reception after years of being hyped up via a large number of press appearances, marketing, and industry events. The game suffered from numerous issues at launch, which resulted in intense criticism and backlash, and Hello Games’ handling of No Man’s Sky‘s marketing became a focal point of the discourse.

Speaking to IGN, Murray said that this time, the developer is exercising caution.

I mean, look, we have learned our lesson. We don’t want to start talking about anything too early. The only reason we talked at all about it was because we released our most recent game, Last Campfire, which was the first thing to come out since No Man’s Sky. It’s done by a separate team that we supported within the studio. But when we talk to press about it, a lot of them came at it from the angle of, ‘Oh, well you did Joe Danger before. You’ve done No Man’s Sky, and I guess you’re doing Joe Danger-size games again.’ We didn’t want people to have that impression, because it’s not exactly true.

Murray added that Hello Games is aiming for the mystery project to be bigger than No Man’s Sky.

[Source: IGN]

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