Guide a Space Agency to Mars Once Strategy Simulation Game Mars Horizon Arrives This Year


Publisher The Irregular Corporation and developer Auroch Digital will soon unleash Mars Horizon on consoles and PC. The strategy simulation title lands on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One sometime this year. Sign-ups are currently live for a PC beta test, which will kick off next week on April 27th and end on May 4th.

The Irregular Corporation additionally unveiled an announcement trailer, showing off Mars Horizon in action. Check it out in the following video:

Developer Auroch Digital first announced Mars Horizon approximately two years ago in May of 2018. It was expected to launch later that same year across consoles and PC. The simulation experience seems as though it may hit the mark this time, though.

Auroch Digital developed Mars Horizon with input from the European Space Agency and the UK Space Agency. As such, players should anticipate quite the unique experience. In this particular simulation title, players will assume control of a major space agency, guiding it from the dawn of the Space Age to astronaut landings on the red planet. Mars Horizon will also take some liberties where history is concerned. For example, depending on how a player manages certain situations, any of the space agencies can be the first to set foot on the Moon during the Space Race.

Throughout Mars Horizon, players will take charge of every element of the strategy simulation. This includes developing bases, research labs, and astronaut training facilities. With hundreds of possible combinations, constructing custom vehicles will serve as yet another option. Of course, players should also expect to launch satellites and manned spacecraft, all in an effort to further explore our expansive Solar System. Moreover, in running mission control, players will take on tasks such as turn-based missions and various other challenges.

Auroch Digital also hosts a podcast about the project, which is available on the studio’s website.

[Source: The Irregular Corporation]

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