Godfall PS5 File Size Revealed, First Ever Retail PS5 Disc and Case is Manufactured


Physical PS5 games are now in the wild, sort of. Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford touted Godfall as the first ever retail PS5 game, calling it the “first to manufacture next gen retail game in the world.”  His claims came with a few pictures of the Godfall PS5 physical case and disc, including images of the back. These images show the Godfall PS5 storage space requirements, asking for a minimum of 50GB of your precious internal PS5 SSD.

Its unknown what the Godfall PS5 file size will be if you opt to go digital, but the space requirements tend to be the same between physical and digital, especially when you consider the PS5’s custom SSD as a primary driver for next-gen games, it’s likely physical discs will essentially just be keys to check and ensure you own the license while playing largely off the installed game on the hard drive.

Godfall allegedly being the first next-gen game manufactured to a retail disc is fitting. Counterplay’s looter-slasher was also the first proper PS5 game revealed, first shown at last year’s The Game Awards. Now, nearly a year later, it’s setting another milestone into next-gen.

Godfall’s size is a matter of concern for players, who were hoping that game installs and storage requirements would drop with the PS5 SSD. Sony’s onboard SSD is only 825GB, and that’s without the OS or reserved space factored in. It’s been reported that usable space could even be under 700GB, and Godfall will eat up nearly 10% of that before you consider patches, updates, and expansions.

The back of the Godfall physical packaging also indicates that PlayStation Plus is required, but that’s only if you want to play multiplayer. Counterplay Games confirmed on Twitter that solo play will not require the subscription service, however it seems like the game does at least require an internet connection whether solo or with friends.

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