Ghost Recon Breakpoint Free Weekend Drops Into the Red Zone


Prepare to give Jon Bernthal a good thrashing as Ghost Recon Breakpoint comes in hot with a free weekend. Looking to capitalize on today’s major 2.0.0 content update that includes the likes beloved super-spy Sam Fisher, Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be free this weekend across all hardware from March 26-29. The times and availability differ based on region, and like most things Ubisoft, it gets confusing enough that the publisher made a chart to figure out what is going on.

ghost recon breakpoint free weekend

Anyone looking to avoid a fight over bandwidth and the wait involved with downloading a 70 gig game, preload is available for non-console players starting today. For the rest of us in console land, the start-time is early enough in the day that avoiding the download crowds should be no issue. As an added incentive, Ubisoft will drop the price of Breakpoint during the free period, as much as 70% off according to the free weekend website.

The sale price is not currently live on PSN so be sure to keep an eye on that space around March 26.

Despite Ghost Recon Breakpoint being largely forgotten in the shuffle of games-as-service titles, a steady stream of content for the game keeps it going. While one of Breakpoint’s biggest faults was in being a multiplayer game that felt isolated, the big content push shows initiative from Ubisoft to correct course and keep their player base engaged. The newest update and inclusion of Sam Fisher is a big inclusion that should rile up enough interest from folks to give Breakpoint a whirl during the free weekend and see what the newest Ghost Recon is all about.

Worth noting is that all progress during the Breakpoint free weekend carries over if you purchase the full game. So get in there, crouch in some jungle fauna, and tell Jon Bernthal that he’s easily the best actor to portray Marvel’s The Punisher before taking him out.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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