Genshin Impact V1.2: Get ready to chill in Dragonspine


Hello, Travelers! Genshin Impact’s dev team here, eager to share with you some early intel on Dragonspine, our first new map addition which will come to the game on December 23. Dragonspine is a frozen mountain range in the south of Mondstadt that few dare to set foot in. As one of the most inhospitable areas in Teyvat, exploring Dragonspine won’t be a walk in the park. To help Travelers gear up for this brand-new experience, we’ve put together some tips you might want to take note of.

All Travelers will be able to explore a brand-new immersive environment full of new creatures, mysteries, treasures, and dangers to discover. Whether you choose to investigate the area with Mondstadt’s genius alchemist, Albedo during the upcoming seasonal event, explore the mountain for yourself and discover every inch of the mountains and the secrets they hold, or simply hone your survival skills in this beautiful but brutal environment, Dragonspine has something to offer for every intrepid explorer.

A Glance at This World of Ice

Covered by snow all year round, Dragonspine sits in a state of constant cold and gloom — in stark contrast to the other environments across Mondstadt and Liyue. 

Dragonspine stands like a frozen fortress, giving precious little for most living beings to survive on. However, there are still some unique and miraculous species to be found here. The hilichurls that have managed to survive on the mountain have had their appearances and lives shaped by the brutal environment.

But on closer inspection, the creatures now living here don’t seem to be the first residents of this mysterious landscape. Deep in the mountains lie buried the traces of a lost ancient civilization, waiting to be discovered.

Survive the Extreme Cold

Nothing is easy at high altitudes and extremely low temperatures. Before focusing on loot and treasures, all Travelers in Dragonspine have to first strive to survive. Besides your HP and Stamina, you will need to pay close attention to Sheer Cold while fighting, exploring, or even just standing still.

The Sheer Cold bar immediately appears above your HP bar once you enter the Dragonspine area. Sheer Cold will go up if you’re exposed to the cold without any heat source, and once the bar is full you will start losing your health. Unless you find some warmth to stave off the Sheer Cold, this will eventually lead to your death. 

Therefore, the constant search for a heat source quickly becomes your primary task as you traverse this snowy landscape. Waypoints, lit torches and cooking pots, and even the Seelie in Dragonspine can all serve as heat sources on your way. You can also mine Scarlet Quartz, a common find in Dragonspine, to temporarily combat Sheer Cold. Furthermore, once you progress further into Dragonspine, you can unlock a new recipe to craft a temporary portable heat source. Remember: Only with enough heat can you proceed through your adventure in Dragonspine!

Unearth the Secrets Beneath the Snow

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Despite the inhospitable cold and the danger lurking around every corner, Dragonspine offers generous rewards to those who manage to explore deep into the mountain and conquer its tallest peak. 

To reach the top of Dragonspine, Travelers need to first unseal strange air currents blocking the path. Meanwhile, buried deep in the mountains lies a long-lost ancient civilization, with only stone slabs, tablets, and relics remaining to tell the story of its glory and fall. The more curious and observant Travelers will be able to trigger a series of hidden quests, piece together the clues, uncover the hidden truth, and claim a new 4-star claymore Snow-Tombed Starsilver.

The mountain is also home to some very special ingredients, minerals, recipes, artifacts, and weapons found nowhere else, some of which are certain to come in handy. For instance, Travelers may randomly come across some Dragon’s teeth, which can be forged into the Dragonspine Spear by the weaponsmith at the camp in the foothills.

While exploring Dragonspine, Travelers may also come across some small fragments of a material called Crimson Agate. Collect them and offer them to the Frostbearing Tree to claim rewards useful in battle and exploration, including crafting recipes for the portable heat source Warming Bottle and the new 4-star catalyst Frostbearer.

Exciting Seasonal Event

The upcoming winter event “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon” will be set in the new Dragonspine area. All Travelers at Adventure Rank 20 or above will be able to participate in this new event.

In the event’s storyline, you will be assisting the new 5-star character Albedo, Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of Favonius in Mondstadt, to investigate Dragonspine and a mysterious, powerful sword called Festering Desire. Travelers who finish the storyline quests will be able to keep and use Festering Desire in their future adventures. By completing additional event tasks and redeeming relevant items from the event shop, players can even raise Festering Desire to its max refinement level!

Hopefully, these tips will help you as you set off on your adventures in Dragonspine! There is still a lot more going on in Version 1.2, and we don’t want to spoil all the surprises. Still eager to know more? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and the Genshin Impact Forums. 

May you survive and thrive through the winter in Dragonspine, Travelers!

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