Following Viral Tweet, Breaking Bad Writer Says She’s Not Actively Pursuing Dishonored TV Show


Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad writer Gennifer Hutchinson has said that while she loves the Dishonored video games, she’s not actively pursuing a television show based on the series.

“Let me write a Dishonored TV series, you cowards,” Hutchinson jokingly tweeted a couple of days ago. IGN picked up on the tweet, following which a number of publications claimed that Hutchinson was eyeing a Dishonored TV series.

“That’ll teach me to make brazen jokey tweets about IP I love,” Hutchinson wrote to IGN after her tweet made rounds. “Seriously though, it’s a fun ‘what if?’ but in no way an active pursuit.” She later issued the following clarification:

Hi friends! Since this got way bigger than I expected, some clarification! I love the Dishonored franchise, but my tweet was me sharing that love, not indicating any serious plan to pursue it. Though I adore it, these things are much bigger than a single ‘lemme do this!’ tweet.

I have some projects I’m super excited about (that I can’t discuss) currently on my plate! But sometimes I like to shout about the IP I love. That’ll learn me.

I also would never seriously demand a job AND end said demand with ‘you cowards,’ y’all.

Although Hutchinson has put the rumors to rest, I can’t help but wonder how a Dishonored TV show would turn out.

Back in August 2018, Arkane Studios confirmed that the series is resting “for now” so the likelihood of a new release anytime soon is pretty low, especially since next-gen is around the corner. In the meantime, you can enjoy a tabletop RPG.

What do our readers think of the idea of a Dishonored TV show?

[Source: Gennifer Hutchinson (Twitter)]

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