Final Fantasy VII Remake Collabs With Mobile Game FF Brave Exvius for New Unit Type Celebration


Final Fantasy VII Remake came and went earlier this year, the first chapter in a who-knows-how-many part saga remaking the classic PlayStation title. Most likely owing to the popularity of the title, Square Enix seems to be shoehorning the game into every imaginable crossover, ranging from chibi toys to candy, and even other Final Fantasy games. Having just hit its fourth anniversary, the mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is, perhaps the most “Final Fantasy” of all the franchise’s mobile spin-offs. It features a huge collection of beloved characters in a turn-based engine that is simple and familiar. Final Fantasy VII Remake is crossing over into Brave Exvius to celebrate the game’s new “Neo Visions” character type and its fourth birthday.

While characters from Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to the game may lack the energy and excitement of Ariana Grande being turned into a Brave Exvius character–yes, that happened–it does provide fans with a chance to grab a bike-riding souped-up version of Cloud during this new roll-out. Neo Vision units are a new type that features advanced-level abilities and high-end visuals to match. Hence Cloud now heading into battle on his iconic motorbike.

But that’s not all the Final Fantasy VII Remake action to expect in Brave Exvius, as also with the new update comes:

  • FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Login Bonus – Receive rewards such as materials needed to enhance Cloud (FFVII Remake), a FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Featured Summon Ticket and more through this daily login bonus.
  • FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Series Event – Players will obtain 5-star Reno (FFVII Remake) as a reward for completing the first stage of this quest. By completing additional event quests, players can also obtain the materials necessary to upgrade Reno (FFVII Remake) to 7-star.
  • FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Series Event Companion Battle – This difficult event can be challenged once per day. Players will need to use their FINAL FANTASY VII units to complete the battle and earn event points, which can be exchanged for exciting rewards.
  • FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Series Event Exploration Dungeon – Players can collect recipes for event-exclusive equipment and other unique rewards by exploring this dangerous dungeon.

It’s important to note that this crossover doesn’t impact Final Fantasy VII Remake at all and is entirely for the mobile game. Just in case you hadn’t gotten enough Final Fantasy VII Remake in your life or need something to bide your time until news on the next iteration in the series, perhaps allow Brave Exvius to hold you over. And watch out for Ariana Grande. Seriously, she’s a heavy hitter.

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