Final Dev Diary Highlights The Last of Us Part II’s Dangerous and Challenging World


Sony and Naughty Dog have released the final video for their “Inside The Last of Us Part II” video series. This final dev diary closely examines the sequel’s world, as well as the dangers that lie within it. Get a glimpse “Inside the World” of The Last of Us Part II in the video below:

Admittedly, much of the video features information that’s previously been shared through interviews, trailers, and the like. However, this last look does offer intriguing insights. For example, Narrative Lead Halley Gross noted the goal was to make every “corner a challenge.” Countless threats and gameplay elements guarantee the presence of challenge in many respects, but level design plays an integral part in its own right. As such, various conditions will prove hostile to manage, including those related to weather and environmental obstacles.

Gross also explained that difficulties will manifest in “how blind the player is” in certain situations. It may not always be easy to spot incoming enemies. Moreover, players are likely to question whether they have enough bullets, whether there’s time enough to stop and bandage a wound. Akin to Ellie who has to survive in this world, “[the player] can never fully breathe,” Gross said.

The developers additionally addressed Jackson, the town wherein Ellie resides with Joel and other loved ones. It’s a tranquil place with children laughing and playing, families living normally. There’s electricity, restaurants, something to hold sacred, something to protect. In short, Jackson seems emblematic of what’s at stake for The Last of Us Part II’s cast of characters, according to Co-Game Director Anthony Newman.

Apart from TV spots and an inevitable launch trailer, this may serve as the last big showing of the sequel before release. The first three videos in the series of dev diaries explored story, gameplay, and the finer details. Last week, Sony hosted a State of Play broadcast that dove even deeper into the gameplay mechanics of Part II. Luckily, the wait to experience it all first hand is nearly at an end.

The Last of Us Part II arrives later this month on June 19th for the PlayStation 4.

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