Fall Guys Was Pitched to 10 Publishers Before Devolver Took a Chance


Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is all the rage right now. From industry professionals to celebrities and representatives behind high profile brands, the game reportedly has about eight million players hooked on the PlayStation 4 alone. To put it simply, Fall Guys is a hit and publisher Devolver Digital is surely enjoying its immense popularity.

In an interesting Twitter thread, Creative Director Jeff Tanton revealed that Fall Guys was pitched to 10 publishers before Devolver took a chance, and it sure did pay off! The game, which was once known as Fool’s Gauntlet, wasn’t entirely battle royale at first and was partly inspired by Japanese game show, Takeshi’s Castle.

Tanton wrote:

I pitched Fall Guys to about 10 publishers over a few days at GDC. Pitches happens in hotel lobbies, in corners of bars, or occasionally opulent company suites. You have to be prepared to improvise on the fly – it’s a combination of terrifying and exhilarating. Devolver should have been the easiest – we’d worked on Foul Play and Hatoful Boyfriend and been friends ever since, but watching these people fill the room as I was setting up the AV shook me. If they’re friends… this could just be flat-out embarrassing for everyone involved.

Fortunately I’d loaded the first two slides of the deck with star-wipes into Takeshi’s Castle gifs. I recommend everyone does this even if it has absolutely zero connection to the game you’re pitching – really sets a tone.

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[Source: Jeff Tanton]

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