Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition Physical Release Coming to PS4 in Europe and Australia


Meridiem Games is collaborating with developer Quantic Dream to manufacture and distribute a physical version of Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition for the PS4 in Europe and Australia. This version of Quantic Dream’s classic thriller will hit store shelves on an unspecified date in November for the price of £24.99/€29.99. At present, there is no word on whether the special release will eventually launch in North America or other territories.

Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition will come packaged inside of a “specially created case and sleeve.” Within the box itself, customers should find a printed art book, a set of stickers, and a special note from the crew at Quantic Dream. Take a look at the product’s contents in the image below:

Fahrenheit 15th Anniversary Edition

Quantic Dream originally released Fahrenheit in 2005. The interactive drama takes place in New York City in the wake of disturbing serial murders. Each of the cases has one key thing in common–everyday people succumb to a supernatural force that manipulates them into brutally taking the lives of others.

Fahrenheit’s narrative revolves around Lucas Kane, a man fleeing detectives Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles after awaking at one of the murder scenes with no recollection of previous events. Like Quantic Dream’s other projects in recent years, the story that follows is a suspense-filled thriller powered by choices the player makes.

The boxed version of Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition hits the PS4 this November in Europe and Australia. There are other ways to experience the title on modern consoles. A digital remaster launched on PSN back in 2016.

[Source: Meridiem Games via Gamasutra]

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