Even Smash Bros. Creator Sakurai Thinks the PS5 SSD Storage is Too Small


Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai thinks the PS5 SSD storage is too small. Sakurai, who writes a Weekly Famitsu column, used his latest column as an opportunity to write about his PS5 impressions. While he’s impressed with the console overall, he thinks the 667.2 GB of onboard PS5 SSD storage space is lacking, and he’s nearly filled the whole thing up.

The prolific and famed Nintendo developer managed to snag a PS5 on day one, via the same preorder systems we’ve all had to fight through. ““First of all, it’s a big console,” Sakurai says, noting the thing that most people immediately notice about the PS5. He’s able to fit it into his entertainment setup, however. ““I am able to put it on the shelf under the TV, but thinking about the heat it puts out, I ended up placing it behind my well-ventilated television.”

Sakurai goes on to praise the speed of the games and UI, as well as its backwards compatibility with his PS4 library. “At launch, there aren’t many games, but I could download [PS4] game after [PS4] game. Not slowing down, the first game I actually played on the PS5 ended up being The Ninja Warriors.”

However, he wasn’t thrilled with how small the available space on the SSD was. “The capacity of the internal SSD, to be candid, is small and is already filled up. Taking out the operating system part, the amount that can actually be used is, what, 600GB?” Sakurai’s PS4 Pro had a 2TB hard drive that he apparently still had to delete games from periodically. It’s unclear if he’s using an external portable hard drive for the backwards compatible PS4 games or just putting them directly on the PS5’s SSD, taking up precious space.

He also wasn’t happy with the lack of organization options on the PS5 dashboard. “…at the moment, the app folders are not separated. This is a pain.” Sakurai indicates he used folders to organize his games on the PS4 Pro and misses the feature on the PS5.

However, despite these small annoyances, Sakurai is rather happy with the PS5. “Overall, I am very satisfied! I think this looks like the start of a long relationship [with the PS5], and I definitely want to cherish it,” he said. “Once the shortages end, I think this will be a console that many people will enjoy for a long time.”

PlayStation’s Jim Ryan previously said that the company isn’t hearing complaints about the small PS5 SSD storage space, but perhaps the voice of one of the most revered game developers will be enough to perk up Sony’s ears. The PS5 does have an SSD expansion bay for increased internal storage options, but the feature is not yet supported. Sony says an update will be coming to enable the feature sometime in the future.

[Source: Kotaku]

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