EA’s Next-Gen Games Will ‘Blow People’s Minds,’ Says COO/CFO Blake Jorgensen


Electronic Arts’ executives have expressed their excitement about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, noting that increased power of next-gen consoles will allow developers to do “a lot more” with their video games. In a recent earnings call following the publication of its financial report, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen revealed that EA is already doing things that’ll “blow people’s minds.”

“I don’t want to get ahead of our great partners Microsoft and Sony, but you should assume that the power of those consoles is going to be a lot better than the power of the existing consoles, which means a really simple thing: we can do a lot more,” said Jorgensen. “And so you will start to see things over the next couple of years that we’re doing with games that will blow people’s minds. And that’s the fun part of this business because we are going to see so much innovation, not just with us but across the whole industry.”

Jorgensen added that people “sometimes get hung up” and focus only on short-term developments. He’s of the view that the power of next-gen consoles will be “substantially greater” and reminded investors that software business has seen steady growth in every console cycle over the last 20+ years.

Jorgensen concluded by saying that although it’ll be “fun and great” to see how EA’s existing games will evolve over the next generation, the company wants to see how new games will be developed with “that much higher power.”

[Source: Seeking Alpha]

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