E3 2020 Virtual Event Unlikely to Go Ahead as Publishers Reportedly Rejected ESA’s Pitch


E3, as we know it, is in trouble. Our very own Chandler Wood (a regular attendee) has written at length explaining why, and many industry professionals agree that E3 has failed to evolve. Journalist Mike Futter, who first reported that the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) failed to put together a virtual event in lieu of a physical show, has now heard from his sources that ESA “made a last ditch effort to woo publishers” a few weeks ago but its pitch was rejected.

Futter and Amanda Farough of Virtual Economy Podcast got a hold of a slide from ESA’s presentation, in which it lists a number of potential partners including the renowned Andrea Rene and media giant IGN.

e3 2020 pitch

“What stands out: IGN (along with a number of ESA member publishers) essentially just told E3, ‘We don’t need you,’” Futter wrote. “This is damning for the future.”

IGN has a major presence at every industry event, especially E3, and has announced its own summer show that has already garnered the support of major companies like Square Enix.

“I don’t think the industry is ‘turning its back’ on E3,” Futter concluded. “I think the industry is realizing that the show has not evolved to serve a contemporary audience, the media, or the industry itself. I’d argue that The ESA turned its back on the show by failing to innovate and adapt.”

For its part, ESA has already announced the dates for E3 2021 but it remains to be seen what’s next for the event.

[Source: Mike Futter (Twitter)]

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