Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC Has Been Delayed to Implement Beta Feedback


Dying Light‘s demon-infested Hellraid DLC, which was originally scheduled for release this week, has been pushed to August 14th to allow Techland to implement beta feedback.

In a note on Twitter, the developer wrote:

Hellraid will add a mysterious arcade machine to Dying Light that’ll transport players to another realm where they’ll have to fight demonic enemies wielding medieval weapons. The dungeon will have players hacking through its dimly lit stone corridors to obtain various rewards. You can venture into the realm alone or take up to four friends with you.

“Our end goal is to build a different world within Dying Light – the dark fantasy setting, the enemies, the weapons,” Techland said of the DLC in an interview with GameCrate. “The DLC is full of Hellraid’s original sounds and models, so Dying Light – Hellraid will let the player experience an entirely different dimension. The two games are very different from each other. We decided to use some of Dying Light’s gameplay mechanics, implement those of Hellraid’s that wouldn’t interfere with the overall experience, and which fit well.”

Hellraid will release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $9.99. Techland has said that it’ll continue to support Dying Light beyond Hellraid.

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