Draugen’s Psychological Horror Will Test the Wits of Console Players in February


Red Thread Games’ Draugen will soon makes its way to consoles. The psychological horror title is slated for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release on February 21st. Should the console version match the Steam price, Draugen is likely to cost $19.99.

In unveiling the console release date, Red Thread Games also shared the following trailer:

A “fjord noir mystery” game, Draugen originally launched on PC via Steam in May 2019. Set in 1923, the adventure follows American traveler Edward Charles Harden, who visits Norway to find his sister. Tagging along is the protagonist’s ward, a “lively” young woman named Lissie. Together, they navigate a coastal Norwegian town in search of Edward’s missing sister. But the community’s picturesque rural setting isn’t all it appears. Something else lies buried within, something dark that unravels a variety of twists and turns. An unreliable narrator only makes matters worse.

Lissie represents another intriguing draw for Draugen. As a companion character, she has a mind of her own, capable of interacting with the world around her independently. Adding more depth is the opportunity for players to engage with Lissie through a “realistic and dynamic dialogue system.”

Draugen’s approach to psychological horror sees the world change, too. Apparently, the setting undergoes changes depending on the weather or Edward’s mental state. All of the above works to ensure the path towards learning the whereabouts of Edward’s sister feels that much more arduous.

Upon its release on PC, Draugen received generally favorable reviews. Much of the praise appears to have been given to the title’s storytelling.

[Source: Red Thread Games via Gematsu]

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