Dozens of ‘Army of Fear’ Zombie Models Uncovered in Red Dead Online Game Files


If leaked game files are anything to go by, Rockstar may have a spooky surprise in store for Red Dead Online fans this Halloween. The files themselves are linked to limited-time Halloween events known as “Fear.” Interestingly, nearly 50 zombie character models feature within the game files. Over half of the variants are male; the remaining 19 are female. Each one is apparently labeled “Army of Fear,” seemingly hinting at an unannounced seasonal update of some sort.

Red Dead-dedicated YouTube channel Red Dead Guides uncovered the files and showcased the myriad zombie models in the following video:

Red Dead Guides notes that a number of the 29 zombie male variants and 19 zombie female models don new items that don’t presently feature in Red Dead Online. The video further calls attention to a tweet from MuzTuber in July, since it references “Fear of Us” audio music files. It’s possible that “Army of Fear” and “Fear of Us” are connected to the same future update, which many posit could be a limited-time Halloween event.

Whether or not Rockstar actually has plans to introduce a zombie mode in Red Dead Online remains to be seen. The success of the Undead Nightmare expansion for the original Red Dead Redemption certainly proves zombies are a perfect fit for the franchise. Plus, this isn’t the first time speculation about zombies in Red Dead Online has creeped to the surface. This time last year fan sightings of zombies in the multiplayer mode fueled anticipation for something that ultimately never came to pass.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now for the PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: Red Dead Guides]

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